Bali island in Indonesia


Bali Island The state of Indonesia consists of eight hundred islands and is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. Bali Island is known as one of these islands, and it is an Indonesian province, and the capital of Bali is the city of Denpasar. The island of Bali is two hours away from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, by plane, which is a first-class tourist province, and its inhabitants go back to Taiwanese tribes that immigrated to it in the past, specifically since the year 2000 BC, and are known as the Austronesian tribes, and it was subject to the Dutch colonial authority in the nineteenth century like the rest of the islands The archipelago of Indonesia.


Residents of Bali Island

tradition in bali
tradition in Bali island

 The area of ​​the island of Bali is about five million six hundred thirty-six thousand and sixty-six km², while the number of its population is estimated, according to a statistic dating back to the year two thousand and ten AD, at three million eight hundred ninety thousand seven hundred and fifty-seven people, and its population density is about six hundred ninety people per square kilometre And the vast majority of them profess the Hindu religion, which is a mixture between Hinduism Hinduism and Buddhist Hinduism


The most important island in Bali province

palm tree in bali
palm tree in Bali

 There are a number of islands that make up the province of the island of Bali, the most important of which are Bali, Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan Island, and Nusa Senegan Island.

The importance of Bali island

bali island
bali island

Bali island attracts very large numbers of tourists every year to enjoy the beauty of its charming nature and its picturesque scenery, as it is rich in tropical forests, waterfalls and lakes. Adjacent to Lake Batur, which is one of a group of beautiful lakes, such as the Tambliaan and Boyan lakes, which are surrounded by fog.

There is also a safari park on this island, and a special garden for the types of birds and reptiles, and Bali is characterized by its extended sandy beaches and clear blue waters that provide a wonderful haven for relaxation fans and lovers of romantic atmosphere, watching the splendour of the sunset scene, in addition to lovers of fishing and swimming, surfing, and diving And taking nautical excursions in small private ships designed for this purpose, as well as rowing enthusiasts in marine and riverboats, such as Pandawa Beach, Dreamland, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran, where there are many restaurants that deal with marine meals.

Visitors to this island head to the Kiwamba area, famous for its cocoa and coffee shops, to closely learn the way it is made and prepared, and to taste it to enjoy its delicious taste, and it is also possible to visit Batu Bolan, which is an area of ​​crafts and heritage markets and industries, in which jewellery and silver artefacts are made, in addition to bright coloured traditional clothes. It is dotted with exquisite graphics and embroideries, and there are many restaurants, cafes and hotels, such as the Mercure Hotel in Kuta.

Tourism in Bali

Tourism in Bali attracts many visitors because of the charm of its natural beauty and the splendour of the atmosphere in Bali and its distinctive beaches that are spread on the banks of the high-end and luxurious resorts of Bali, and Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, which witnesses a great turnout of visitors looking for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment of the beauty of its tourist places.

The island of Bali gains an unparalleled elegance of its own, and what distinguishes it is the infrastructure of the island, where the island of Bali contains an international airport that receives many domestic and international flights and receives thousands of visitors daily, and Bali island in Indonesia is famous for its water containing thousands of colourful coral reefs of various sizes and shapes. This makes snorkelling and diving a must when tourism in Bali.

Bali Indonesia also contains many rice fields and volcanic mountains in which scientific research is done continuously and when visitors return to their countries often we hear a sentence. My trip to Bali was a beautiful and distinctive trip. Travelling to Indonesia is very wonderful and would be recommended for everyone.



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