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Bangkok Thailand

what is Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok is both a province and a city. It is considered the first port of Thailand and has the longest name of a city in the world, where approximately thirty words are known internationally and locally as Bangkok and also known locally as Krung Tep about the historical village in the capital, Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the main airport for the capital

Meaning: “The city of angels, a large city, the seat of the Buddha of Emeralds, the incurable city of the god Indra, the large capital cut with nine precious stones, the happy city, generous within the royal palace such as the heavenly house, the kingdom of the personalized Lord, a city dedicated to Indra built by Vishnukarn” The name is a composite of two ancient Indian languages: Pali and Sanskrit.

 For the records, this name is recorded as the longest name for a place in the world, the Guinness Book

It is reported that the name Bangkok has not been used by the Thais since the construction of the capital. Even some villagers had never heard of this name. For unknown reasons, foreigners have continued to believe for more than 200 years that it is the official name. [32]

An interpretation of the name says that it is the abbreviation of Bang Ma-Kok which means the place where olive trees are planted. The part bang is frequently used in the names of cities located on the banks of a sea or a river. Ma-Kok means java plum. [33] Another interpretation of the Khmer Beung Kok: “The ground that overflows (beung) has many reeds (kok)


Due to its strategic location in Southeast Asia, Bangkok was a buffer zone between the French and British colonial empires and it gained a reputation as an independent, stable and vibrant city. Asian investments.

Multinational companies and many have made their regional headquarters in Bangkok and Bangkok is considered a regional powerhouse in finance, business and global politics. [35], culture, fashion and entertainment confirm its position as a global city. In 2009 it was the second most expensive city in Southeast Asia behind Singapore [35] Bangkok attracts about 10 million international visitors annually, second only to London

City history

Bangkok (present-day Tonburi District) was a small village on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River called Krung Tepe. After the Permanians destroyed the capital, Ayutthaya, north of Krung Tepe in 1767, General Thaksin withdrew to the village of Krung Tepe to build the capital of the new Thonburi Kingdom. For defensive reasons, General Thaksin took the village of Krung Tepe in the year 1782 AD as the capital of the country and proceeded to construct forts and buildings and built the royal palace and Po Temple and surrounded the city with a wall Its length of 7.2 km has 63 gates and 15 forts, and the successors of General Thaksin increased its construction, expansion and improvement. It increased its permanent housing, roads and streets, and built-in its Buddhist temples are abundant (today more than 400 temples), as well as palaces, gardens, bridges and fortifications, as the railways reached it in 1900, and the first university was opened in it, Chulalongkorn University in 1917.

Administrative divisions

Bangkok is one of two special administrative regions in Thailand, where the vote for the governor is held, unlike other provinces. The city is divided into 50 internal municipalities, which are divided into other administrative divisions (districts) with 169 districts. Each municipality is administered by its president, who appoints the governor through the district council and elects the council for four years

Bangkok Location

Bangkok is located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Thailand on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River, which flows into the Gulf of Thailand near the city.

Therefore, Bangkok is the main port in addition to being also an important industrial centre and the main market for jewellery and jewellery in this country.

Bangkok is one of the fastest-growing and economically active cities in Southeast Asia. Therefore, Thais believe that their steadily growing city can emerge as a regional hub and point in competition with Hong Kong and Singapore.

But in fact, Bangkok still suffers from many problems in infrastructure and other social problems as a result of the continuous tremendous growth in the population.

In Bangkok, the most delicious seafood can be eaten in a restaurant that confirms that it is possible to get all the marine creatures that a person can eat. Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as tourism in Thailand accounts for about 6% of its growing economy.

One of Thailand’s tourist attractions is the island of Pattaya, which is famous for its tourist scenery. To reach it, the tourist must rent one of the small boats, the best of which are glass-bottomed, to enjoy the views of colourful fish and coral reefs. 

On the island of Pattaya, you see simple shops selling beautiful souvenirs of spherical puffy fish and various shells beautifully formed. As well as Phuket Island in the far south of the country, which is considered by some of the most amazing tourist attractions in the world

the climate

Bangkok is built on the delta of the river, about 40 km from the sea, in a flat, low plain, with fertile soil and abundant water, and receiving average annual rainfall of more than 1500 mm in a hot, humid, tropical climate whose rains fall most days except for the dry season between December and February. The annual temperature ranged between 25-30 degrees Celsius

the landmarks of the city 

The city includes many temples, but all were established after the end of the eighteenth century. The oldest is Wat Pho (or Wat Phra Chetuphon), famous for its large statue of a reclining Buddha. • The Great Palace sanctuary, the Emerald Buddha statue, the national emblem. • Wat Benchama Bophit in marble. • Wat Saket, or the Golden Mountain Temple, built on an artificial hill, 75 meters high, and the golden Shedi statue, which contains part of the Buddha’s ashes. • Wat Traimit derives its glory from the Golden Buddha, which weighs 5.5 tons and is the largest statue of gold in the world. • Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn, on the bank of the river, in the form of a Khmer Prang, 85 meters high. • The Erawan Shrine is a very interesting anecdotal history.

The Vimanmek, the former royal palace now in the museum, is considered the largest golden teak construction company in the world.

The Erawan Museum  

• The Mai Chau Tuptim (My Discourse to Tuptim Goddess), dedicated to fertility, located in turn opposite the Sri Guru Temple

Shopping in Bangkok: 

5 markets to buy the best, the most beautiful and the cheapest

Bangkok is considered one of the best shopping destinations, as the markets and malls contain the latest international fashion at prices that are difficult to match anywhere else. If you are looking to shop in Bangkok, here are the top five markets.

Wherever you go to Bangkok, you will find yourself surrounded by people taking selfies. Locals love social media, making Siam Paragon one of the most places in the world to be shared on Instagram, beating Times Square in New York and Disneyland in California.

1. Buy souvenirs at Chatuchak Market

The market covers more than 140 thousand square meters and contains more than 10 thousand stores and is equipped with more than 27 shopping sections that start with foods and souvenirs and do not end with artefacts. More than 200,000 visitors visit the market every weekend, and it is open from teardrop evening to Sunday evening. You will find it much better to explore the market if you have a map with you

2. Overnight shopping on the banks of the Chao Phraya River at Asiatic

Asiatic Market in Bangkok is divided into 4 unique sections. In Factory District you will find the latest fashion and accessories, then you can rest in Town Square District to dine at international restaurants and explore the nightlife. If you’re looking for live performances, head to the Charnkrung District to see Thai boxing matches, cultural performances by the traditional Joe Louise Puppet Theater and the Calypso Cabaret. To end the evening, take a ride on the 60-meter-high Ferris Asia Tech Sky, complete with air-conditioned vehicles and panoramic views of the Chao Phraya River.

3. Get to know the Root Phi Market, which is one of Bangkok’s strangest night markets

The best description for the Root Market in Bangkok is the ‘Market of Strange’. This night market attracts those looking for vintage fashions as well as locals looking for what many consider “exotic”, from auto parts to action movie characters. The market operates from sunset to midnight from Thursday to Sunday only. You can spend many hours in the market, which also contains restaurants, bars and ancient forest things.

4. Visit the Platinum Mall and Pratunam Market

The mall consists of 1,300 stores distributed over 7 floors in two buildings, and it offers you products at wholesale prices, but you can bargain on prices to get the best prices for clothes in Bangkok, as well as shoes and accessories. At Pratunam Bangkok, you will find trendy summer clothes, decorative fabrics and costumes.

5. Shop luxury brands at Siam Square, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon

In one trip, you will be able to visit all these places connected to each other via a pedestrian walkway at the BTS Sky Train Siam Station. In it, you will find all the international brands, luxury stores, entertainment centres and international restaurants.

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