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Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and the economic capital of Turkey

The word Istanbul is a Greek Byzantine word meaning (in the city)

Istanbul has many nicknames, the most important of which are the City of Minarets and the City of Seven Hills

It has advantages and characteristics in several aspects, including historical, geographical, climatic, economic, tourism, investment and real estate. We will review them in detail:

Istanbul history:

The excavation of the Marmara Tunnel revealed the existence of a colony dating back to the Stone Age, approximately to the seventh millennium BC

Fossils dating back to the Copper Age were also found in the Asian section

And the Phoenicians established a trading post in Istanbul a thousand years ago

Istanbul is an ancient, historical city, its roots go deep in history, but its written history goes back to 660 BC,

Where it was founded by the Megarians under the leadership of King Bezos, who named the city after him and then turned its name to Augusta Antonia

Istanbul was captured in 324 by Constantine and his soldiers, then it was called Constantinople in 330 AD.

On May 29, 1953 AD, the city was conquered by the Ottomans at the hands of Sultan Mehmed II (Mehmed the Conqueror)

Which besieged the city for a period of 53 days, and the last Roman emperors were eliminated.

Most historians consider the conquest of Constantinople as the beginning of modern times

The Turkish Republic was established in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who moved the capital from Istanbul to Ankara

Istanbul is the only city that was the capital of four different empires and countries:

Roman from 330 AD to 395 AD

Byzantine from 395 CE to 1204 CE and from 1261 CE to 1453 CE

Latin from 1204 CE to 1261 CE

Ottoman Empire from 1453 AD to 1922 AD

Istanbul was named by many names throughout history, the most famous of which are: Byzantium, Constantinople, Astana, Islambol, and finally Istanbul.

Napoleon Bonaparte said of Istanbul: (If the whole world were one country, Istanbul would be its capital)

Istanbul’s climate:

Istanbul’s climate is characterized as moderate and changeable

As the average temperature in summer is 28, winter 5, spring 16 and autumn 14 degrees Celsius

The rain falls heavily, as the annual precipitation rate is 843 millimetres over 152 days, most of which are in winter.

Some of them are in fall and spring, and a small percentage in summer

The number of snowy days is 19 on average

What distinguishes Istanbul is that it is a city that gives each season its right, as many cities have two main seasons (winter and summer),

The other semesters (Spring and Fall) are transitional seasons of a short duration

Geography of Istanbul:

Istanbul is the only city in the world that is located in two continents of Asia and Europe at the same time

The Bosphorus Strait separates the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, and the Golden Horn is also located within the European section

Istanbul is located between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara

Inside Istanbul, there are many rivers and lakes, and the most important lakes are the Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece lakes.

Istanbul has an area of 1830 square kilometres

Istanbul is located at 41.016 degrees north of the equator, and 28.967 degrees east of the Greenwich line

Istanbul consists of 39 districts or provinces

Istanbul economy advantages:

The economy of Istanbul is diversified and does not depend on one sector. On the contrary, there is no sector that does not participate in the economy of Istanbul.

Industry sector:

Textiles, leather garments, electronics, glass, metal parts and many more

Agriculture sector:

Istanbul exports all kinds of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, cotton and many more

tourism sector:

As Istanbul contains hundreds of tourist, historical, religious and urban attractions that will be mentioned later

Trade sector:

Istanbul contains hundreds of thousands of local and foreign companies, whose exports and imports are estimated at more than 200 billion dollars

Urban sector:

During the past ten years, Istanbul has witnessed a great construction boom.

Thousands of mega projects were built, and one million and 300 thousand apartments were sold in 2018 alone

Istanbul landmarks:

If we want to talk about archaeological and tourist attractions in Istanbul, we need volumes to be explained so we will suffice to mention the names of the most important landmarks:

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque)

Topkapi Palace

Dolmabahce Palace or Palace of the Sultans

Aya Sofia

Grand Bazaar or Covered Market

Yildiz Palace

Taksim Square and Istiklal Street

Galata Bridge

Al-Fatih Mosque

Sulaymaniyah Mosque

Galata Tower

The Bosphorus

Puppet Hill

Girl’s tower

princesses island

Rumeli Hisar Castle

Mina Turk Museum

Obelisk of Thutmose

Education in Istanbul:

There are 122 universities in Turkey, of which 25 are governmental and private universities in Istanbul alone

There are thousands of schools between governmental, private, Arab and international schools

 Health in Istanbul:

Istanbul is well-known for its cosmetic, dental, hair and laser procedures

Istanbul is now the largest hospital in Europe

Insurance in Turkey is mandatory

Transportation in Istanbul:

Everyone who comes to Istanbul marvels in the transportation sector for its great diversity, as many people like the transportation sector as a country alone.

Transportation outside Istanbul:

There are 3 airports in Turkey (Ataturk, Sabiha and the third airport)

Istanbul can also be reached by ships, ships, trains, or by highways and buses

Transportation within Istanbul:

As for the metro and tramway, the length of the railways now has more than 500 km, and now there is 500 km of railways that will end by the end of 2022.

There is also the Metrobus, which is a one-way road over the ground, through which only buses pass, and it crosses Istanbul from its Asian and European sides.

There is also a ferry, hill ferry, ferryboat, taxi, uber and biscuit

There are also hundreds of bus lines, which operate from six in the morning until twelve at night

Culture and Media in Istanbul:

 Istanbul has hundreds of offices, museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres, and opera houses Everyone knows Turkish dramas and series, most of which are represented in Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul:

Istanbul has many important markets that are world-famous

Perhaps the most famous of these is the Covered Market or the so-called Grand Bazaar, where it is estimated that half a million people pass through it daily.

The number of its employees exceeds one hundred thousand, and the price of owning a shop in this market is the most expensive in the world

There is also Istiklal Street and Nisan Tashi, and there are also hundreds of malls such as Mall of Istanbul, Jawaher Mall, Istanbul Valley Mall and others

Restaurants and cafes in Istanbul:

Among the most famous chefs in the world are Turkish chefs such as Chef Burak, as well as Chef Nusrat

Restaurants in Turkey vary between local restaurants and fast food, as well as there are restaurants from the most famous American, European, Arabic, Chinese and Indian

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is famous for its grills, seafood and shawarma

Istanbul also contains thousands of cafes with stunning views

Real estate in Istanbul:

Because of the factors mentioned previously, Istanbul has become a destination for anyone looking for a new city to settle in, or those looking for an apartment to spend their vacation in, or those looking for real estate investment

Nearly 40 thousand apartments were sold to foreigners in Turkey, of which nearly 15 thousand were in Istanbul.

The Iraqis ranked first, then the Iranians, the Russians, the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, the Germans, and the British

The Turkish government has made many facilities and laws to help foreign investors buy apartments

The reciprocity law has been abolished, and almost all nationalities can own property in Turkey

The 8% tax was also abolished for foreign investors and remained only for Turks

Any foreigner can buy an apartment in instalments like any Turkish citizen, and he, his wife and children will receive real estate residency

Finally, the Turkish Citizenship Law was issued, which qualifies the buyer to obtain Turkish citizenship if apartments worth 250 thousand dollars are purchased

Experts Property and Istanbul:

We, Experts Property, are looking forward to working with you and offering you a wide range of the most important real estate projects

Some projects are ready for immediate delivery, some are under construction, and most are on instalments

We also offer you a wide range of projects guaranteed by the Turkish government

We have many investment projects in the centre of Istanbul, such as Basin Express projects and Maslak projects

We offer you many projects with a sea view or a lake view, as well as projects that overlook forests and green spaces

It also helps you to obtain citizenship or real estate residency and open a bank account, and most of our services are free


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