Where is Pattaya located?

Pattaya is the most popular resort in eastern Thailand, located on the mainland, on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand and one of the favourite cities for Russians, where you can relax, swim and sunbathe all year round.

Pattaya’s popularity is mostly because direct flights from Russia fly here, nature is beautiful, tours are varied, prices remain reasonable, despite the crisis and the ruble’s fall into a baht.

This guide to Pattaya is useful for both experienced travellers and beginners who, with the help of modern information, will be able to prepare for the trip in advance to make their vacation quality and interesting without unnecessary overpayments.

My many years of experience living in Pattaya are gathered here, and I hope it will be helpful to you when planning a vacation

why should you go to Pattaya?

– The weather is great all year round

– Proximity to the main attractions

In Pattaya, prices are lower than other resorts. On the islands, these things cannot be compared instead of the mainland, so the cost of tourists in Phuket in all respects is 30-40% more than in Pattaya.

Agriculture is widespread in Pattaya and the surrounding area. Here they sell delicious fruits cheaply throughout the year. Food, stuff, entertainment – everything is cheaper than other resorts in Thailand.

The weather in Pattaya is stable. The average annual temperature is about 29-30 degrees, the water in the sea is 24-25 degrees, and the precipitation for a whole year is less than anywhere else.

In Pattaya, there is no season of prolonged rains, showers or typhoons, as is the case on Phuket, Samui, Phangan or other islands. In Pattaya, you can relax all year round, and in the summer it is half the price also in the winter.

Pattaya is an international resort, and there are a lot of Russians here. So if you don’t know English, that’s not a problem. In Pattaya, knowledge of a foreign language is not necessary. Even signs in stores, price lists for trips, and other essentials – in Russian.

Pattaya is so well located that it is close to all the most interesting sights, so the list of varied excursions is quite huge.

Every year new and interesting programs appear in Pattaya, museums and theatres open, there is always something to see, even if you’ve already been here 20 times.

Pattaya – This resort is for everyone and the family incl. You can come here with a child and feel comfortable. Or in search of adventure, head to the Red Light District Walking Street and be happy too on your vacation.

  Everyone will find entertainment in Pattaya to their liking. Here they do not condemn, but they accept you as you are. Sabai, Sanuk and Suai, I heard?

Hope I convinced you of the right choice, and now let’s move on!

To Pattaya on your own or a tour?

If you are travelling 1-2 weeks, check packages. This is often the cheapest option that includes: transportation, insurance, accommodation, flight, and breakfast.

The most helpful sites for finding tours without overpaying and for trusted tour operators are the collectors and

It would make sense on its own if a cheap ticket was not found, and you want it to last more than 2 weeks.

  Pattaya Tour Prices FAQ – How to Choose a Burn Tour to Pattaya.


What you need to do

– Buy tickets

– Visa (if you have been flying for a period longer than one month)

–  insurance

– Reservation of accommodation

– Request to transfer from the airport


Trips to Thailand

Trips to Thailand are the cheapest to buy in the summer. The difference in price can reach 100-300%, compared to winter.

For parents with children, I advise – (all this is housing with water slides and entertainment, a children’s area).

  It also enjoys steady popularity – 

It should be understood that well-maintained large, modern and famous apartments with water slides, good repair and easy access to the sea are more expensive than those that lack the above.

How to get from the airport to Pattaya

From Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi) to Pattaya 120 km.

You can reach Pattaya by public transportation (buses) and taxis

The bus

  The counter where bus tickets are sold is on the 1st floor, Exit 7-8.

  A ticket to Pattaya – 120 – 250 baht.

  Cheap pros. And if you are not very tired or want to save money, then travelling without children is a good and practical option. It takes about 2-2.5 hours.

  Cons – there are not always tickets for the next flight.

The final bus in Pattaya is the bus stop on Tappraya Street in Jomtien District. Also planted in the direction of the street – north, central Pattaya and south.


By taxi, of course, more comfortable and faster.

Taxis can be taken on arrival (bad idea. Expensive and deceiving). You can book a transfer in advance by only paying a deposit.

I am completely satisfied with the transfer from KiwiTaxi. Meet with a sign at the airport, and wait. Clean cars and polite drivers. The price is fixed.

  A child seat is available upon request (must be reserved in advance).

The price for this transfer is not the lowest (you might find the grenade cheaper), but the reliability is superior. This option is suitable for those who do not want to get their nerves on arrival or before departure, The area makes it difficult to call calls at noon. In short, I’m not ready to worry like that, especially with a bunch of luggage and a bunch of kids. Kiwi never let me down.

Transfer from the airport to Pattaya How to get to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya – all options


Mobile and internet

Pattaya has good internet and cheap mobile connections. The easiest way is to call one of the airport mobile salons and choose a tourist price for your stay online If you are for long, take Dtac Tourist sim, download Dtac app and connect Smooth Clip mobile internet – unlimited, no speed reduction, 300 baht per month.

  Calls to local mobs – approx 1 baht a minute. And the code 0047 – 4.5 baht a minute.



  The most popular area, with walking distance to the sea and developed infrastructure in the form of shops, cafes and massages, 10 baht transfer (song).


  There is no public transport, and getting to the city is inconvenient. There are good beaches.

Naklua (North)

  There is no dam, there are many construction projects, and it is inconvenient to walk in the evening, the main street leading to the city is always in traffic.

  Beaches not bad, many 5 star hotels.


  For those who don’t need a city beach (here it is dirty) and need a constant party. Several shopping centres are located, Cafes and restaurants are nearby.

  The dock from which boats go to Koh Lan is also not far away.


Weather in Pattaya

In Pattaya, there is no clear rainy season, as in Phuket or Samui.

The major rains fall here from October to December, so if you are at this time, you understand that this period cannot be called the ‘rainy season’.

  This scheme is very cheating on the number of rains there are fewer.

Pattaya is the sunniest resort in Thailand. There are more than 300 sunny days in a year.

The air temperature is on average + 27 +30 degrees

In winter, in the evening, it can drop to +20.

It is hotter in spring – in March and April, to +37.

Summer is hot and dry. Showers, mostly at night.

Seawater temperature throughout the year +27 +30

It is hotter in summer and cooler in winter.

If there are several cold days in a row, the water cools to 25 degrees, Weather in Thailand for several months and sea temperature

Pattaya has many interesting places – palaces, museums, farms, aquariums, zoos, viewing platforms, shows, water parks and more.

  Must-see: Golden Buddha Hill, Nong Nooch Park, Khao Kheo Zoo, Trip to Katun Water Parks, Khao Chi Chan Mountain, boat trips

  Entertainment for both adults and children is in abundance

What to see in Pattaya

The most popular excursions are city tours, farms and zoos, Nong Notch, and excursions to the most beautiful tropical islands – Ko Cod, Samet, and cruises -, Madagascar.

  Predator hunting and various shows, farms, trips to and

The plus is that in Pattaya few excursions need to travel far. The road is not tiring and many places can be seen even with young children.

  Prices and description of all excursions in Pattaya Where to go in Pattaya in 14 days Top 30 Pattaya attractions


Shopping in Pattaya

Since the ruble fell into the baht, shopping in Thailand has become less profitable, but still relevant.

  Here you can buy inexpensive summer clothes and shoes, gadgets, leather products from exotic animals – stingers, crocodiles, pythons, etc.

Buy Thai, Japanese or Korean cosmetics, and care products. Alternative medicine is also popular – nutritional supplements, inhalers, Thai balms.

For shopping in Pattaya go to Central Marina, Outlet Mall, Tepprazit Night Market (Sunday to Sunday), Royal Garden Plaza.

  Prices in Pattaya ALL What to bring from Thailand


Products in Pattaya?

In Pattaya, stores are popular – 7/11 and Family March. They are craftsmen everywhere and work around the clock.

  In it, you can find everything you need: from a thread with a needle to the finished meal.

For those who come to Pattaya for a long time and love (go) to cook at home, the best option is to purchase food a week in advance from the Macron Store.

In Pattaya, two macros. One in the south, on Sukhumvit Second Street in the north. In Macro bought cafes and restaurants. The products are new and inexpensive.

Some people like to buy food at Big C and Tesco Lotus. Unlike Macro (in the absence of delivery), products in Big C or Tesco can be ordered home. This is easy to do with these stores’ website. Delivery is free on orders from 500 baht. Fruits are usually bought in the markets, which are also available in Pattaya and every region.

The best wholesale fruit market (but also sold at retail) is Ratanakorn Market. It is located on Tepprazit Street, in the centre.

  You need to go there early in the morning, and after lunch, it is already closed.

A good fish market is located in the north in the Naklua district.


Where to eat in Pattaya –

 cafes and restaurants

Everyone’s tastes are different, like budget, so everything is personal of course.

Cafes and restaurants with beautiful views of the sea and surrounding areas:

– An Italian restaurant by the sea in South Pattaya, outside the city, by the sea. Delicious, suitable for special occasions.

– Pattaya’s best offer for a penny. Operating until 18 pm, from 4 pm the place is really hard to find. Pratamnak area.

– Buffet for 199 baht and a wide range of dishes from 180 baht. It is convenient for a meal with family and young children.

– Very tasty, work until 23:30.

– one of the best buffets for 220 baht, from 7 to 14.

– A cheap and quick meal, including Russian food.

– Delicious burgers, European and Thai menus in North Pattaya

– French Café and Sweets (North and Jomtien)

  Inexpensive steaks, buffet, drinks and desserts.

– Good German food, delicious breakfast, large portions

– Buffet with seafood from 200 baht. Jomtien

– North seafood buffet

– My favourite Thai coffee shop. Food is very tasty and very cheap. Pratamnak


– A bar and restaurant on the 32nd floor of the 5-star hotel. Pretty pricey, but the sunset view is amazing and happy hours for cocktails from 17-19.

It is considered the most active and popular resort in the country among young people. There are many bars, discos, restaurants and cafes for every taste. In this city, it is possible to combine all kinds of entertainment, as well as to visit interesting sights. But before you go on vacation to this Thai resort, it is better to know in advance all the useful information about it and actually where is Pattaya. Pattaya is located in the southeastern part of Thailand and is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The resort town is located at 165 km. 113 thousand of the registered residents live here, but their real number exceeds half a million people, given most vacationers. In 2005, a record influx of tourists was reached, for this period their number was 5.5 million. Although Pattaya is located in the industrial area called the Kingdom, the industry is weakly developed here. This city is mainly considered the tourist centre of Thailand.


Where is Pattaya located on the map?

To understand the natural conditions that vacationers expect in this city, you will need to know where Pattaya is located on the map. This resort is located in the subtropical climatic zone, so the average annual temperature varies mainly from 25 to 32 ° C. In this part of Thailand, it is clearly expressed and lasts from April to October, in November, as is customary, the amount of precipitation begins to decrease significantly. In light of these climatic conditions, the peak tourist season will decrease throughout the year from the beginning of December and continue until February.

About twenty years ago, few knew where Pattaya was located on the world map. Lately, it was still a small village, In this short period of time, it was able to turn into a true dream city. Today, it is believed that the best of the entire eastern coast of Thailand, and its proximity to Bangkok, which is only a few hours away from there, makes Pattaya even more attractive for tourists.

Not far from this city is Ko Lan, which can be reached by knowing where the pier is located in Pattaya, as the ferries leave in different directions. This place is called Bali Hello and is located near the famous walking street.

The map of Pattaya tourist in Russian will provide an opportunity to better navigate the territory of this Thai resort, so you can study it in detail before the trip. This shows that the entire city is divided into several districts.

o The first one is Naklua or as it is also called by many Russian-speaking tourists – North Pattaya. The calm and quiet atmosphere prevails here without many establishments that feature dancing and nightclubs, and the beaches and sea in this part of town are a little cleaner. Noisy and densely populated area of Central Pattaya. Here there are various entertainment venues, massage parlours, tourist agencies and shops. Due to a large number of people in this part of the resort, it is very crowded and crowded.

The next area is the Pattaya South. The famous Walking Street is on this spot. From this part of the city, it is very convenient to get to the various islands and beaches.

o It is considered the greenest and quietest area in Pattaya Pratamnak, or as it is also called – Hill because it is located in an elevated area. Here’s a pedestrian path that stretches the entire length of the sea, where you can go to Jomtien Beach. Public transportation does not communicate in this region and the tourism infrastructure is not particularly developed, but some tourists choose it for their holidays due to its beautiful nature and few vacationers. In the event that someone decides to ask: Pattaya where is he? Many of those who have been truly fortunate to visit this exotic resort will say that there are a clean and pleasant sea, sunshine and snow-white beaches, as well as plenty of entertainment and an atmosphere of reckless fun all year round. Therefore, those who choose this tourist city in Thailand for their vacation will definitely not lose sight of their choice.

  – A world-famous resort located on the main coast of Thailand, in the southeastern part of the Gulf of Thailand. The city is located in the Chonburi Province, 165 km from the Thai capital – Bangkok. Modern Pattaya is a well-developed tourist centre, and there is almost no industry here.

In terms of leisure and tourism, Pattaya is one of the world leaders. Going, quirky clubs, dance floors, bustling bars and discos here on every corner. For those who want to always be in the thick of the fun, Pattaya is an absolute paradise. Additionally, lovers of sea fishing, diving and paragliding come to this Thai resort.

It seems that Pattaya with its active adult entertainment should not align well with children’s entertainment interests. However, there are many attractions for children in the city: Mini Siam, water parks, zoos, dolphinarium, Underwater World jam, sheep farm, pony rides, and interesting museums. Yes, entertainment in Bangkok is close at hand, so Pattaya loves to come on vacation and families with children


Tourist in Pattaya

The Americans “discovered” Pattaya, which is the Utavo military aviation base located a few kilometres south of the city. From here in the 1960s. B-52 bombers flew to drop their lethal cargo to South Vietnam. Pattaya for Americans was a place of comfort for a soldier in its traditional forms. The war was long over, but the soldiers continued to visit Pattaya, and when a pregnant woman came to the pier with ten grey auxiliary ships, he began to cheer on the Beach Road Bridge. “Welcome to the US Navy,” read signs. Indeed: the US Army with narrow wallets was welcome guests here. European Americans followed – Pattaya tourism gained momentum: like mushrooms after rain, multi-storey hotels and restaurants were growing, serving cuisine from all countries of the world. . Countless bars with semi-naked girls, expensive Singh beer and suitable customers have spent the town’s dubious reputation. As a result, Pattaya became a Mecca for people of dubious reputation, who found favourable conditions here for impure fraud or wrong entertainment. However, some of them fell into the hands of the Thai police and were promptly sent home

But at all times there were enough decent and even really outstanding people. It must be mentioned at least three names, closely related to Pattaya’s history. One of them is the Dutch Dolph Rex, a long-distance travel enthusiast who is the owner of a restaurant in Pattaya, who serves the best Indonesian rice dishes, which can be found in West Sumatra. Organizers gather at its place every evening, not only for an amazing meal but also for free-weeping to the increasing hustle and bustle of tourism from year to year. 

A native of Switzerland, Alois Fassbind, who for many years has travelled across all continents, one day stayed in Pattaya and became the CEO of the Royal Cliff Hotel. Under his leadership, for some time the hotel turned into the best resort hotel in Southeast Asia. With some distance from the city, reminiscent of the solid Red Light District, not damaging the reputation, Fassbind proudly referred to his hotel’s location “not far from Pattaya” in its brochures. The third should be called Father Brennan, the founder of the local orphanage. Here, the unwanted “outcomes” of spa romances often fell – and the Irish patron cared deeply for them.

Almost until the end of the eighties. The tourism industry has benefited from the negative image of Pattaya. But later the situation changed: there was a desire to make a “respectable place of rest” from the “old slut” because it was not without tenderness. Prostitution was officially declared a war, and the majority of the hateful policemen shut down. However, Pattaya remained a dubious place. However, evil languages say that it is no different from any Mediterranean resort, it is located only at 12 degrees north latitude and 100 degrees east longitude and 100 degrees north…

Today Pattaya faces serious problems associated with the uncontrolled growth of visitors in previous decades. An extensive government program helped cement the city’s dubious reputation. Since the launch of the powerful sewage treatment plants in 1992, the quality of seawater has improved greatly. The city’s water supply, especially during droughts, remains precarious.


Water parks in Pattaya

The network of water parks in Pattaya is constantly developing. The construction of the new features is not yet complete. But with its end, we can hope to satisfy all the needs of tourists and locals for entertainment at this level.

The resort’s oldest water park is located at Pattaya Park Beach Resort at 345

 Jomtien Beach, 

Pattaya City, Chonburi 20150 Thailand – Pattaya South (First Coastline). This is the only hotel in the Thai resort that has its own water park. Since the sea within the city limits is not very clean, this complex of water activities is very suitable for families with children. Tourist attractions include 6 long and circular slides, a large jacuzzi, and a long circular pool, The territory of the water park includes a private beach called, with comfortable sun loungers and parasols. Here you can use the services of specialists in therapeutic and Thai massage. The grounds of the garden are fenced. Entrance is paid – 100 baht. To the sea from here several tens of meters and from all parts of the park, especially from the upper points of the water slides, you can see the water surface in the Gulf of Thailand, the coastal line, the island of Koh Lan located 8 km from the mainland and many other smaller islands.


Waterpark Cartoon Network Amazone

The Waterpark “Cartoon Network Amazone” was opened at the end of July 2014, and welcomes guests all year round and is open from 10:00 to 18:00. It is located in the suburb of Pattaya – Bang Sara, near Sukhumvit Street. From the city, you can get here by car, taxi and shuttle bus in about 20 minutes. You can also use the white Songteo that runs along Sukhumvit, or the shuttles and buses heading towards Rayong.

Cartoon Network

The attractions of the water park are dedicated to the heroes of all your favourite cartoons. Included in the name “Cartoon Network” is an American animated channel that has been broadcasting in various countries of the world, including Russia since 2005. Several tall water slides open in the park, the tops of which allow thrill-seekers to descend from a height of 23.4 meters, And fans of riding at very high speed will love the “Ring Loop.” Here you can order acceleration up to 24.5 m / s². Additionally, vacationers can try long tube rides, slides with a circular rotation and parallel slides for competitions with friends.


Ramayana Water Park

The construction of Ramayana Water Park started in October 2011. Officially, this water park will be opened to visitors at the end of March 2016. The Water Fun Center is located 15 km south of Pattaya, near the lake and Silver Lake Vineyards. Guests of this water park will be able to visit 14 areas of various entertainment, thematically linked to the ancient saga “Ramayana”. 

Water rides include a ‘wave pool’. In one part, you can influence the surface of the sea with light lambs, as during the breeze. The other part simulates real ocean waves. In addition, in the park, there is a “lazy river” – an extended pond with a creek. To surf, the waves built “fluralaner”. Other original Ramayana structures: Vortex and Family Rift Ride are designed to handle 3 to 4 people simultaneously; “Daster master blaster” – wet strips of various shapes and sizes; “Boomerang” – a half tube with a large slope.


Beaches and islands nearby

The beaches of Pattaya are not the best glory, although they are quite satisfied with the vacationers’ part. There are large equipped beach areas in the city centre (along Beach Street) and in the Jomtien area – in the south of Pattaya. The remaining beaches of the resort are much smaller. The main disadvantage of Pattaya beaches is water pollution. If the sand and beach area are still somehow cleaned up, there is a lot of litter in the sea.

Most of the tourists who come to Pattaya swim in Koh Lan, an island 8 kilometres offshore. Daily from Bali Hai Pier, which is near Walking Street, at the foot of Pratumnak Hill, ferries and speed boats run to the island. The ferry ride takes about 40 minutes and costs 30 THB. The boat reaches Koh Lanna in 15-20 minutes and costs 150 THB per person. There are many equipped beaches on the island. The sea here is much cleaner than Pattaya, and the rest is fun. On all beaches, you can rent sun loungers and parasols, as well as dine at local restaurants. They travel around the island by public transport and rented motorbikes. If desired, it is not difficult to rent hotel rooms in Koh Lana and spend several days.

In addition, from Pattaya on a boat, you can go to other small islands. And those who like a deserted vacation, prefer such trips, far from civilization

What do you see on your own in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a world-famous resort, and it offers its guests a wide range of entertainment and attractions. In Pattaya, it is fun to visit the Temple of Truth, in the Elephant Village and look at the image of the Cave of the Golden Buddha. In addition to cruises, Pattaya offers a variety of excursions along the coast – to historical monuments of Buddhism, Nong Nooch Tropical Park, to Samet Island, a crocodile farm, zoos, and places of national handicrafts. Pattaya also organizes day trips to Bangkok and other Thai cities. It’s exciting to walk along Volkin Street, along the seashore. It starts below Pratamnak Hill and extends to the beginning of Beach Road. In daylight, this street looks dull and sleepy. It’s a trail. Near evening (after 18:00), this part of Pattaya is closed to public transportation and is converted.

Tolkien Street is bright and full of lights and cabarets “red lanterns in the streets”. Although prostitution is officially prohibited in Thailand, many small bars, strip clubs, and other similar establishments open their doors on Folkien Street and at the crossroads adjacent to it. Fans of thrills and sex shows from all over the world come here especially. However, it is not Justify them. Every evening, many simple spectators wander around Volkin Street – travellers who are still far from the topic of sex tourism and even parents with children.

Walking around Pattaya, it is interesting to visit the Big Hill of the Big Buddha. At the top of it, where the asphalt road leads and 120 steps, there is a platform on which the Great Buddha and small Buddha sculptures are installed – a whole complex of religious relics. There are many Buddhist relics here, and you can get the blessing from the monks. The site offers great views of Pattaya City blocks and the shore of the Gulf of Thailand. Slightly lower on the hill is the beautiful Chinese temple with the Confucius Monument. The neighbouring Pratamnak hill, which is located near the sea, also has sights. An asphalt road leads to it from the Big Buddha Hill. Pratamnak is higher and the climb to this hill is steeper. At the top of the hill, travellers will find an excellent observation deck, where the central part of the city and Koh Lan Island can be clearly seen.

Myself in Pattaya, you can visit a transsexual show. It is shown in the city once in three places – in the entertainment centres Tiffany, Colosseum and the Alcazar. 

Additionally, many museums can be visited in the city. The unusual Ripley Museum is located on the top floor of the Royal Garden Plaza shopping centre. It is a whole museum complex, consisting of an endless mirror maze, a wax museum, a “believe it or not” museum, several fear rooms and a 4D cinema. Ripley Museum An interesting collection of outdoor miniature architectural attractions is displayed – Mini Siam Park. There are the most famous Buddhist temples in Thailand and Southeast Asia, as well as copies of the most famous buildings in Europe. The garden looks very beautiful in the evening when the miniature monuments are lit with original lighting. Mini Siam is located on Sukhumvit Street, in the northern part of the city. You can reach it by taxi or public transportation in Sukhumvit. 

Opposite Mini Siam, in a building that looks like a big head, is the Bottle Museum (The Bottle Art Museum Pattaya). This is a strange set of bottles with miniatures placed inside. On Second Street, in the central part of Pattaya, opposite Tiffany Amusement Center, there is an original 3D Museum (Art in Heaven). It is interesting for fans of selfies and beautiful photos to go on the background of 3D art.

Where to eat

Travel packages to Pattaya, as a rule, include breakfast only at the hotel, so travellers decide on their own meals. But this is not a problem. In a Thai resort, it is impossible to stay hungry. Cafes, bars and restaurants are open here at every step. Prices, as well as the level of service, of course, can vary significantly, so there is no need to rush. There is always a choice in Pattaya. And here you can always find a place where everything completely satisfies – whether in range or in the quality of food, service and price.

Pattaya was created for tourists, so there are many restaurants that serve national cuisine – Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mediterranean and others.

Thai cuisine is very original and considered one of the best in the world. Acquaintance with her is a pleasant find and … unexpected. Thai food is usually spicy. And if there is a desire to try this or that local dish, it is better to ask the waiter not to make it spicy – “but spicy”.

Throughout Thailand, Pattaya is no exception, there are many street food vendors – makashnitsa. They sell fruit or kebabs, crepes, soups, fresh salads, various desserts and ice cream. It is absolutely safe to eat makashnitsa, because these people have traded in the same places for years, sometimes from generation to generation. They cater to tourists and Thais themselves, thus taking care of a good reputation and selling good food to their customers

Many tourists who come to Pattaya prefer to eat in the food courts. These are the inexpensive catering centres that open in the big malls: Tucum, Big C, Tesco, Mike Shopping Mall, Central Festival. Here, in one place, are concentrated several small restaurants serving 10 to 15 dishes at once. Upon entering the dining hall, you can choose your favourite dishes and drinks, as is the case in the dining room. Payment is made by the cashier on plastic card or food court coupons.

Cheap food at grocery markets in town. With them, small restaurants and cafes are always open. In addition, several chain stores “Seven-Eleven” (“7-11”) and “Family-March” have been established in Pattaya. They work around the clock and sell ready-made refrigerated foods (pizza and main dishes with rice), pies, sandwiches and burgers, as well as sausages, sausages and pies that the vendors, upon customer request, heat in the microwave for free. In addition, in these stores, you can buy milk, yoghurt, juices, coffee, soft drinks, drinking water, beer and alcoholic beverages. Water Park at Pattaya Park Beach ResortMost tourists choose Thai artefacts – painted fans and umbrellas made of Sa paper, carved wood carvings and boxes, souvenirs made of palm leaves, jewellery made of natural stone, shells and pearls, And the famous Thai silk and ceramics. In addition, in Pattaya, you can buy high-quality leather belts, wallets and bags. It’s very convenient to buy souvenirs at Lukdot supermarket located at 209/10 Youmei Central Pattaya (Severnaya Street lane, not far from Sukhumvit). This shop has almost all kinds of souvenirs and the prices are not very expensive. Also, it is convenient that there is a free shuttle service to Pattaya from Lukdot Hotels.

From Thailand, they also try to bring locally soothing cosmetics, syrups, fruit vitamin supplements, coconut oil and noni juice. Prices for these products may vary widely. The cheapest of these types of goods are found in the Thai markets, as well as in a network of specialized beauty stores, of which there are many in Pattaya. One of them is located next to the popular Tukkom Electronics Center on South Street.



It is convenient to move around the city and its suburbs on rental cars or motorcycles – there are a lot of car rental points in Pattaya. In addition, in Pattaya, it is comfortable to take a taxi, although this is the most expensive way to get around the resort. Taxis stand out among other cars with specific bright colour and checkered markings.

Almost all cars have meters installed, however, drivers refuse to use them. In Pattaya, this is the norm, and you have to agree on the price of the trip. Unfortunately, Pattaya taxi “rates” are several times higher than in Bangkok. The price of the trip starts at 100 THB (for very short distances). The usual price for moving around the city is 200-300 THB.

Inexpensive and very popular means of transportation, which all tourists and residents of the city use, are songteo, tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis. Songteo translated from Thai means “two seats”. The so-called pickups with a covered body, which are equipped to carry passengers. There are seating places for 10-12 people, and few passengers can stand. A standard flight costs 10 THB, and for a long time, it is 30 THB.

Songteo roads laid out along most of Pattaya’s streets. White-body cars drive along Sukhumvit and blue song songs transport passengers along the streets west of Sukhumvit (the coastal part of the resort). There are also cars of blue, green and red colours, but they mainly serve the non-touristy areas of Pattaya, Songteo can also be used as a taxi. To do this, stop the car and agree with the driver on the road. In this case, the price of the trip will be similar to the cost of a regular taxi, but if negotiated, it can be reduced slightly.

Tuk-tuks are three-wheel indoor scooters designed for two or two people. The price of the trip must be agreed with the tuk-tuk driver. Compared to Bangkok, where there are many tuk-tuks on all streets, this transportation is very rare in Pattaya.

In Pattaya, it is also convenient to travel by motorcycle taxi, especially if you are travelling alone or together, without a huge load. On scooters, you can get to the right place faster because this type of transport gets around easily with traffic jams. Places, where a mototaxis (motosai) driver is located, are near all malls and at almost every intersection. Bikers wear coloured jackets (orange, yellow, green, blue). The cost of the short distance (2 km) trip starts at 30 THB. To get from Pattaya to Bangkok or to the city’s nearby attractions, take regular buses and minibuses.

Pattaya: the entertainment city

Pattaya is associated with tourists with freedom and pleasure. Which is why more than 2 million people flock here every year. Someone prefers to live in hotels (there are hundreds of them), someone who rents apartments and houses. It all depends on the desires, preferences and size of the wallet. Foreigners are very fond of, as for locals they are the main source of income.

Thailand is located in a tropical climate zone, and the weather here is beautiful all year round. It is believed that from April to November in Thailand, the rainy season and the influx of tourists there is a sharp decline. In fact, during this period, the air temperature only drops by 3-4 degrees Celsius, and the rains begin as fast as they end. Vacation rates and the cost of renting housing for solo travellers are being cut sharply. Unlike the islands of Thailand, the prices in Pattaya are very affordable, and there is all possible entertainment. Bars and restaurants are open until morning. Pattaya Holidays attracts indulgence and ease of access. Fans of holidays on the beach, who are keen on diving, connoisseurs of culture, as well as people looking for unusual sexual adventures and sensations, come here. 

Which islands do tourists travel to and how can I get to them from Pattaya?

Few people decide to swim in the sea, especially in Central Pattaya, due to the dirty water. For this reason, it is forbidden to bathe in places in the Gulf of Thailand due to the extremely dirty water. Therefore, all tourists go during the day either on excursions, to stores and malls, or to the nearby islands, where you can see white sand and crystal clear water.

Everyone prefers to swim and sunbathe on the verge. Koh Lan. Get it either by boat or by ferry. They depart from Bali High Pier, which is at the end of Walking Street. On small boats a round trip will cost from 300-400 baht, on a ferry – 30 Ferries depart every hour. The latter takes people off the island at 18.00. This method is cheaper but more extreme, as all people go from the ferry to a large boat that takes to the pier from the ferry. The extreme starts in the evening when everyone returns to town. Tourists prefer to stay on the island until the end, then they attack the boats with all the crowds.

Food and drink prices on the island are much more expensive, but there is clear sea, white sand and tidiness.

How to move around the city?

There will be no problem with transportation in Pattaya, even if the hotel is located in a remote part of the city. Basically, tourists travel independently by taxis, tuk-tuks or motorbikes. In many large stores and restaurants, you can take a free map of the city. Better Carry It With You: It will be easier to explain to your taxi driver or motorcyclist where you want to go. Many of them know only a few foreign words: “ok”, “one hundred baht”, “two hundred”, “fifty”, etc. Thus, a trip from one end of the city to the other on a bike will cost about 100 baht, in the middle – 40 -50 baht.

The first trip will cause a massive adrenaline rush – in Pattaya, tourists only notice traffic lights. The locals do not care about them and refuse to believe that the red light must stop. Motorcycles are very smart, they choose lanes and small streets to reduce travel time, but they will definitely get there.

Getting a taxi is more expensive. But if there is a campaign for several people, then the price becomes very reasonable. But it is better to negotiate the price before the trip – this is almost a prerequisite. And don’t be shy to bargain with the taxi drivers, they are happy to argue with you a little. If you are using an official taxi with checkers, it is better to say that dining is only on the counter. Otherwise, the price will be much higher. Many large supermarkets are ready to provide a free taxi if you plan on shopping with them. Information on this is often printed on the brochure itself with the Pattaya map.

The most common vehicles are tuk-tuks. These are pickups, which have rear passenger seats in the form of two seats, one of which stands opposite the other. Each tuk-tuk has its own path, slowly going with it and turning to everyone who asks to stop. A hand wave will signal the driver to receive a new passenger. Of course, there is no stopping, everyone can go anywhere he wants. The fare for a tuk-tuk is 20 baht. In the evening, a lot of drivers get extra money by taxi drivers, which is what you need to bargain for.

What money is used and where is it better to change it in Pattaya?

In Thailand, they like the dollar and the euro. , The highest airport baht. But tourists do not have a way out, they will have to change because they have to buy a bus or a taxi ticket.

There are many exchange offices on the streets of Pattaya where you can exchange dollars for a baht. There are no problems with this.

Food in Pattaya:

 Is It Worth It To Eat On The Street?

With rare exceptions, all Pattaya hotels only offer a breakfast buffet, which is included in the package price. Lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurants are possible, but for a fee.

Drinking tap water is strictly prohibited. It is sold bottled in all stores.

Of the alcohol, the most popular is the local beer and Thai Sang Som Rum. Beer prices are the same as in Europe. The average price for a domestic bottle is 47 baht.

In every major mall, there are areas with cafes where you can eat reasonably well in terms of budget and density. Across Pattaya is the widespread Seven-Eleven chain of stores, where you can find almost everything. These convenience stores are full of goods: both groceries and household cleaning products.

Throughout the city, directly on the sidewalks, there are many street cafes with tables, the number of which is no more than 3-4. Usually, locals eat, as Thais do not like home cooking. These places are also loved by tourists who want to save money. For 100 baht for lunch or dinner, you can have 30 cm catfish with vegetable salad. But here’s what you should pay attention to: The food in Thailand is too hot for any European stomach to stand. It is imperative that they ask you to cook them without seasoning. “No spices” – this phrase will suffice for the Thais to understand that you do not want spices.

Cafes and restaurants in Pattaya are apparently invisible, for every taste and budget. A fact worth noting: the most expensive restaurants in Pattaya are Russians.

Thailand is famous for its exotic fruits. They can be bought everywhere, but it will be cheaper to buy them in the markets where locals buy. The price here will be 3-4 times lower in a tent in a supermarket. 

What month is the best time to go to Pattaya?

The city welcomes guests all year round. The rainy season is a familiar phenomenon in Thailand, but it should only be feared in September and October when floods are possible.

Peak season starts in December and ends in April. In April, many tourists try to get to Pattaya, as this month Thais celebrate the Thai New Year. This is an unforgettable event in which the entire city takes part, without exaggeration.

Destination tourists choose May to visit Pattaya. This month’s rain is still scarce, and prices for hotels and products are much lower.

All about Pattaya for tourists – the main advantages,

And defects. Who is this suitable resort and what time of year is it worth going there? Entertainment, attractions, prices, beaches, money, transportation – and much more! Comprehensive information for the tourist – the nuances and nuances of relaxation.

Pattaya is a small but extremely popular resort city in Thailand, located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. It is located in the southeast of the country, near the capital of the Kingdom – Bangkok. They are only 160 km apart. It has an impolite role – recognized as a city of sins, entertainment and immorality. By the way, rampant fun will be much cheaper than other resorts in Thailand

The area of the city is small – only 22 square kilometres. According to official figures, about 120,000 people live there permanently. In fact, the population is seeking 500,000 people. Pattaya is divided into provinces: Naklua, Central (Wongamat), North (Naklua), South (Pratamnak) Pattaya and Jomtien.

To residents of large Russian cities, Pattaya may seem like a small village, with modest and not fortified areas. By comparison: the Saratov region, for example, 394 km2. It should be noted that this is far from the largest village in Russia.

“The main thing is not the size, but the comfort and convenience,” she says. And rightly so. Despite the fact that the city is located in the industrial district on the east coast of Thailand, tourism is the main source of income. However, there are small problems. About everything – read below!

Advantages and disadvantages of the resort of Pattaya

Undoubtedly, acquaintance with the country of smiles should begin with Pattaya, because:

• This is where you can plunge into the country atmosphere;

• To join the flavour of Asia, with all its faults and advantages;

• Going to many popular attractions and excursions.

• It is wonderful to “pay off”, change the work atmosphere, boring days.

Of the advantages it is worth noting:

• Relative cheapness of accommodation, food and entertainment.

• Constant noise and debt on the streets. Especially relevant in the centre;

Sea pollution, street pedestrian routes;

• Quality of service is relatively low;

• Large crowd, lines to popular / entertainment shows.

This is most evident during the “peak” season. Summing up, Pattaya is suitable for:

• Outdoor activities without children.

• Young people who want to have fun, day and night.

• Lonely young men

• For those whose beach vacation is not in the first place

• Direct flights (by charter flights) and near the airport in Bangkok (regular flights);

• A large selection of entertainment venues for adults;

• There are a large number of islands around, and it has good transportation access.

Everyone’s flaws will come out. The most obvious, no matter how silly it may sound, comes from the pros:

When can you relax in Pattaya – climate, weather?

As such, accurate forecasts – no one will ever give you. Generally speaking, Thailand has summer all year round. In Pattaya, this statement is the most important, because in this part of the country the warm tropical climate is the most stable. The monsoon season, which is most famous from November to May, is usually less bright than other resorts in the country. Objectively, given the possible differences in entertainment and a lot of entertainment in Pattaya, you can travel to this place at any time of the year.

However, there is a conditional “peak season” that falls in the winter months. At this time, less rain occurs in Pattaya, and clouds in the sky are rare guests. You should know that in the “high season” – prices go up many times, When is the best time to relax in Pattaya? If you are going for adventures, relaxing in exciting bars, clubs, massages and salons – the “reasonable” time for relaxation in summer and spring. As mentioned earlier, in the generally accepted “off-season”, prices drop significantly.

If you plan to visit the surrounding areas, and travel to the islands, go from this location to the long-haul programs, for example, to the Similan Islands, it is better to travel in the winter months.

Book holiday packages, accommodations and excursions in advance. Ahead of the New Year holidays, all the shows fly like hot cakes

Excursions, entertainment

Certainly, Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand. Every day, thousands of tourists come here. When there is a large demand, there will be an offer.

The list of excursions – just “blast with offers”. It is because of this fact that many tourists choose this site. Why is this all simple! The geographical location of Pattaya is the most successful in terms of sightseeing locations. In addition, Pattaya became the first city to “grow” to receive guests. The palm of the handled to the opening of several travel agencies, and as a result – the organization of many programs, English is not a very “much appreciated” among Thais. It is difficult to find someone fluent in this language. Don’t have it too? Refer to sign language.

With trips everything is clear, you definitely won’t have problems. Exactly, as with choosing an entertainment establishment for a night party.

Around the world, Pattaya has been recognized as one of the most exciting locations for night entertainment, including the intimate location. As they say, for every taste and colour – whoever is looking for something. For couples, extravagant offers “Alcazar”, “Tiffany” are suitable. For youth companies – many clubs spread across the city. For single men looking for sexual adventures, there are many customer-oriented bars with non-glamorous girls.

Food, cafes and restaurants

There are many cafes with different cuisines, price range and level of service. Plenty of street food establishments, Thai fast food and merchants roam the beach. You definitely won’t have any problems choosing a place for your evening meal.

Please note that the vast majority of hotels in Thailand operate on a BB-breakfast only.

Shopping, markets

Shopping in Pattaya is multifaceted. This word reflects as much as possible the essence of local “buy and sell”. There are places for any merchant. Starting with stylish middle-class and business-class malls – offering clothes, equipment, and products at fixed prices, to the night markets – selling their wares for a penny.

Pattaya markets have very cheap clothes. For example, shorts can be bought for 150 baht, swimwear for 100 baht, and slippers for 150 baht.

For tourists who want to completely “shop”, we mention that when leaving Thailand, you can return the VAT (7%) paid upon purchase.


The most relevant and cheapest way to get around is a tuk-tuk, the Thai minibus. At first, this transfer does not inspire confidence – dubious, unapproved roads, low safety when driving. Actually, there is no alternative. Pattaya has no other public transportation. For example, the usual for us – regular buses, trams or trolleys.

A tuk-tuk trip costs 10 baht. 2 times the price rises on the road to remote areas. However, there is a more used option for movement – a motorcycle. Daily rent will cost 200-300 baht. This method of transport is suitable for those who know how to drive and are not afraid of chaotic, heavy movement.

Of course, as in all cities of the world, in Pattaya, you can take a taxi on the street or order it through the app, for example, Uber.

Mobile connection, internet

In Pattaya, as is the case across Thailand, there are three mobile operators. Depending on the choice of the tariff, calls within the network will cost 1-3 baht, outside – from 10 baht. Tariffs involving the availability of the mobile Internet are about 25 baht/day.

You can buy SIM cards at any sales office of the selected operator, or in 7-11 stores. To determine the best price for you – consult the seller. Depending on your goals (calls abroad / in-network / mobile internet), he will choose the most advantageous option of prepaid tariff for you. !

Please note that registration of SIM cards is not possible without a passport.

Wifi is almost every cafe, restaurant and hotel. As a rule, the data transfer speed is sufficient to communicate through instant messaging programs, download sites and search for the necessary information.

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